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Leonardo Da Vinci Websites

After the half-term break we will be looking at biographical and autobiographical writing – our focus will be on the life of the artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci.

You task is to present some information about Leonardo in a PowerPoint presentation:

Leonardo da Vinci – biographical timeline

1452 Leonardo born

1467 Florence Apprenticeship

1472 Artist’s Guild member

1482 Moves to Milan

1500 Moves back to Florence

1502 Works for Cesar Borgia

1508 Moves back to Milan

1513 Forced to Rome

1516 Move to France

1519 Leonardo dies

Leonardo da Vinci works

1495-98 The Virgin of the Rocks

1495-98 The Last Supper

1503-7 The Mona Lisa

10 inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

Perfect human form
Self-propelled car
Ideal city
Geologic time
Winged glider
Revolving bridge
Mirror writing
Scuba gear
Triple barrelled canon

Click on the links below to find out more information about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci:


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