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Hooke Court

Last week Class 3 had a fantastic time at Hooke Court in Dorset. We greatly enjoyed taking part in a wide variety of scientific experiments and challenges.

One of our first activities was making water flow uphill! After some discussion the groups worked out the best system and together they managed to overcome the sloping ground and use gravity to help them to get the water to flow uphill.

The next challenge was to complete an orienteering course to find scientific words. By this time most people had realised the need to work together in order to complete a challenge successfully.

In the evening there were two challenges. The first was to build the highest free standing tower possible using various types of paper. The second challenge was to build an egg-catcher. By this time most of the groups were working well together and helping each other.

After a good night’s sleep (!) the first challenge was to build a boat. This boat had to have a sail and be able to float on the ‘moat’ at Hooke Court.

The next activity was building rockets. The most exciting part was when we got to test them. It was quickly getting dark and as a result the explosion as the rocket took off could be seen even more clearly.

After our evening meal we made lighthouses. By this time everyone was very tired (Mr H. included) after we finished this activity it was time to go back and hopefully get some sleep.

The next moring we just had time to experiment with ice man’s hands and make some balloon buggies and quickly grab some lunch before it was time to get on the coach and head back home.

All in all everybody had a good time and we all learnt lots about the science of forces. It was also pleasing to hear so many positive comments from the teachers at Hooke Court about what a friendly and co-operative group Class 3 were. Thank you to all the children for showing the best of East Harptree School. Also a big thank you to Mrs W. and the other Mrs W. for making sure we were well looked after.

(When is the next trip Mr H.?)

Hooke Court Website


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