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Christmas Holidays

A view from Penang Hill

I arrived last night on the Island of Penang in Malaysia. The weather is very different to England at the moment it is about 28C which is about 82F it is very very hot. The journey was OK but I will never get used to being on a plane for 12 hours it can get quite boring. Luckily this time I left the U.K. at about 10pm which meant that I could sleep some of the way. However during the journey there was a very noisy little girl behind me who kept saying she was “too cold!” in a very annoying high pitched voice. Once she went to sleep I was able to enjoy the journey a bit more especially being in business class in the upstairs bit of the 747  – Jumbo Jet. When I wasn’t sleeping I was reading or watching/ listening to my ipods or playing Broken Sword on my DS. The first thing I told when I landed was the score of the Man Utd vs Fulham match, Man Utd lost 3-0 which was very bad news. On a lighter note I am going to a local crab restaurant tonight which is down by the sea and serves very good food.


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